Arts by Elephants

Art by Elephants

Elephant Camp, Arts by Elephants Suda the Elephant Artist Painting on Canvas with Mae Taeng Elephant Camp Owner Ken Chailert.ART BY ELEPHANTS CAMP OWNERS

Elephant art: Charlie the Elephant Artists Painting a Tree on CanvasART BY ELEPHANTS PAINTING PROCESS


When the Chailert family started this project in 1996 there was only a simple welcome sign, a hand-full of staff, less than a hand-full of elephants. They promised Elephant Riding, Oxcart Riding and Bamboo Rafting for any visitor who dared to wander down their dirt track. Art by elephants are delighted to be part of this wonderful community project… Maetaeng Elephant Park became interested in art by elephants paintings in 1998, curious to see if Asian Elephants could replicate paintings created by orphaned African Elephants. Only one of the original nine elephants at Maetaeng, managed to grasp the techniques that were being taught, that elephant was Orachai. Over the years Maetaeng Elephant Park…
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Mahouts riding their elephant art elephants at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp they do trekking, painting and other activitiesART BY ELEPHANTS CAMP STAFF

Arts by Elephants, An Elephant and her baby elephant. Suda is one of our painting elephants. ART BY ELEPHANTS PROFILES & FACTS

Mae Taeng Elephant Park currently employ around 300 staff, around 90% of these are from Thai Yai, Karen or Burmese hill tribes. Mae Taeng assists their indigenous employees by aiding them in their visa and work permit applications; they then send them to a mandatory 3 month mahout training. Art by Elephants sales aid native thai people. Nestled quietly on the banks of the Maetaeng River in the breathtaking Maetaman Valley lies the Mae Taeng Elephant Park, a place dedicated to the protection of the Asian elephant. Many of the elephants at this park, had spent their early years in the illegal logging industry or were brought from the streets, where they were used for begging. Art by Elephants give them a real chance.
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Art by Elephants