Arts by Elephants

About Us

Arts by Elephants: the premier provider of elephant art fashions; elephant inspired accessories and home decor. We have a host of elephant painted canvas bags, wonderfully created by our three elephant artists: Suda, See Noon and Charlie. As you can imagine elephants are very expensive to feed and care for. Therefore profits made from sales of the elephant art go towards maintaining and caring for these majestic animals.

Arts by Elephants are delighted to be involved in this venture in collaboration with our good friends at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai. Mae Taeng is home to our three superstar elephant artists plus over 60 other Asian elephants. The camp also provides employment to 250 indigenous tribes people from North Thailand and Burma, without the help of Mae Taeng Elephant Camp these people would probably be destitute, subjected to appalling living conditions and political alienation.

We at Arts by Elephants appreciate the close bond with Mae Taeng and endeavour to be an informative resource on the culture, style and current predicament of the indigenous tribes of North Thailand; as well as providing information on all the elephants, the painting process and the owners at the camp. We will have continual updates about all things elephant related on our Facebook fan page: and our blog:

So please, feel free to roam through our website- check out our products, read up on the heritage of tribe’s people and the importance of the Asian Elephants in Asian culture and be part of something that is very special.