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A New Elephant Artist

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Elephant Artist: Gem

We welcome a new Elephant Artist to the group: The newest elephant at Mae Taeng Elephant Park!  Born at 12.30 am on Monday 20th August 2012 to Nong New.

Little Gem’s birth was very traumatic as she was rejected by her mother Nong New, who refused to feed her and physically pushed her away. It was due the the on-site vet and the mahout team that Gem managed to survive. Although initially rejected by her mother, Gem has now been accepted but she had to be taught how to suckle by the mahouts and the team. The potential elephant artist and the mother are now doing fine, but the mahouts take turns throughout the night to make sure the baby is taken care of. This routine will continue until everyone is satisfied that they are both doing fine.

Photographs of little Gem are below.

Baby Elephant Gem

You can visit little Gem and many other elephant artists at Mae Taeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai North Thailand.

For more information on all our elephant artists please feel free to visit our elephant artist profiles, where we have profiles from Suda, Orachai, See Noun and many others. It is a fantastic resource on elephant art, how elephant artists are trained and how their art work helps elephants all over North Thailand.

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