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Elephant Art Prices

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Elephant Art Prices

For those who are looking for a sensible investment opportunity Elephant Art Prices, have sky rocketed since 2003, growing 300%+ which make it a more stable investment than gold. The value of Elephant art prices is dependent on the Elephant Artist and the style, for example an expressive piece by Suda or Orachai will be far more valuable that the standard ‘elephant holding a rose’ paintings we see from unrecognized artists.

2004 price index =123 (a 23% increase year on year)

2005 price index =148 (a 20% increase year on year)

2006 price index =183 (a 24% increase year on year)

2007 price index =225 (a 23% increase year on year)

2008 price index =262 (a 16% increase year on year)

2009 price index =289 (a 10% increase year on year)

2010 price index =329 (a 14% increase year on year)

In March 2000, Christie’s sold a painting for$ 2000, and its not uncommon for elephant art to be priced around $200-$500. Leonardo DiCaprio a campaigner for Elephant Rights has also purchased a piece by Suda, which has pride of place in hid Los Angeles Mansion.

At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you see the value in elephant art it should never be viewed as an investment, in fact we would never recommend purchasing elephant art if you see it purely as a money making opportunity. We hope that you can see the value in this project for the sake of the elephants, not for monetary gains.

If you are looking to purchase Elephant Art purchases from a reputable camp or dealer, look for pieces that are by renowned elephant artists, like Suda, Orachai or See Noun. Beware of unscrupulous dealers, there are many of these throughout South East Asia. Purchasing with us guarantees the elephant art are 100% authentic and therefore fall in line with growing valuations.


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